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Artist Statement

I love to work a new painting intuitively by letting my spirit go, exploring and experimenting with random brush strokes of colors, working with different styles of music. ABSTRACT makes me feel inspired, like flowing and connecting with the Source Energy..

Some years ago, I found this path to work very spontaneous without restraint and judgment, listening what the painting wants to say me, guided by my feelings.

Working in this way, my spirit becomes freer, excited and pleased to go beyond the common routines, doing my work with passion and joyful.

My most recent work is developed with acrylic on canvas, the theme has a deep and spiritual message; it made me feel fulfilled. I like to be in a receiving mode when I am painting, being open to new possibilities.

For me, it is a thrill to paint, to develop my creativity, my imagination and intuition; living, flying and dreaming and revealing my spirit. It is a deep and intense pleasure. It makes me extremely happy making my heart sings.

- Elena Gutierrez

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