Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Elena Gutierrez lets nothing stand between herself and her passions. Having studied art in Guadalajara and currently working in Spokane, Washington, Gutierrez is deeply proud of her Mexican roots and culture. Gutierrez’s acrylic paintings are indeed a product of the soul. She describes her process as letting her spirit go, working intuitively, experimenting with color, and above all else, she says, “Listening to what the painting wants me to say.”

For Gutierrez, abstract expressionism was a natural way to communicate a spiritual experience to her audience. Her inspiration is found in her feelings, nature, literature, music, artwork, children, travel, and the everyday interactions of those around her. Her paintings depict the jumble of life at close quarters, but are adorned with sweeping, heroic flourishes that function as a kind of narrative arc for a story that is both deeply known and yet to be told. “For me, it is a thrill to paint,” Gutierrez says, “to develop my creativity, my imagination and intuition —living, flying, dreaming, and revealing my spirit.”

Last Representations:

*Special Exhibition in Viviana Puello Gallery, New York, NY
*Special Issue Artists for a Green Planet / ART tour INTERNATIONAL Magazine
*Bozzi Gallery, Spokane, WA
*Artblend Gallery, FL Lauderdale, FL
*Agora Gallery, New York. NY
*Presentation in the Book Current Masters 2 by World Wide Art Books

Recent Exhibition:

Art Show Represented By World Wide Art Artavita, San Diego, CA

Online Gallery Modern Abstract Art Painter Elena Gutierrez + About